The Client &

The Challenge

The Client:

E the Center brought not just quantity, but quality to a business with an important mission and did so in a cost-effective way, saving them north of a half a million dollars per year. The work they have done and continue to do is an important asset that will continue to guide them successfully into the future.


The Challenge:

Essential tremors are a devastating condition where parts of your body can’t stop shaking, making it very difficult perform simple tasks like pouring coffee or buttering toast, and nearly impossible to text, type or play a musical instrument. Before INSIGHTTEC developed Magnetic Resonance-guided Focused Ultrasound (MRgFUS), the only treatment option was via deep brain stimulation known as DBS. DBS is a major surgery that requires drilling into the skull. While it is sometimes covered by insurance, it is not always successful. Because MRgFUS was not covered by insurance, INSIGHTEC needed to connect with patients that could afford their new treatment.

Our Approach &

The Results

Our Approach:

E the Center came in as a resource of Strategies Now. The approach was by focusing on the educational side of INSIGHTEC and their groundbreaking discovery. We created consistent and strategic branding campaigns through Facebook with live shows called “Tremor chats” where patients could find out more about the procedure and ask questions before taking the leap. These chats included special guests, like patients that had gone through the procedure and specialists that worked in the field. Through this platform we were able to connect with the audience at a different level. A gift box was created for potential patients, called “Life Boxes.” These gift boxes included items such as stress balls, relative books and fine motor games that the patient would be able to do AFTER having the procedure along with other various things that were meaningful, fun and left a good impression of the brand.


The Results:

E the Center’s outside the box approach using social media and personal touches made a huge impact. Not only did INSIGHTEC reach the patient base they needed to be successful, but insurance carriers were forced to reconsider covering the very successful MRgFUS treatment options. An increase of 45% was reported after the initiatives were put in place.

Understanding the Challenge

«They identified the need to become more relevant to appeal to a broader audience…»