The Client &

The Challenge

The Client:

The Florida Conference of Seventh day Adventists is a faith-based entity. With over 300 churches, over 30 schools & other specialized facilities statewide. As a non-profit entity their main goal is to manage all these entities and focus on people and their walk with God.


The Challenge:

In a day in age where branding is critical, the Conference recognized the importance of consistency and an elevated image that would convey who they are now and continue to guide them into the future. Wanting to take their communications, PR and image to the next level they approached E the Center.

Our Approach &

The Results

Our Approach:

E the Center came in with fresh eyes, connecting with the heart of the mission and recognizing the need for a unified look that would consistently be portrayed through all platforms. They implemented a team to work directly in the conference office to handle creative direction, project management, graphic/video and web design, social media and content creation in addition to the access to the production of tangible items at a lower than fair market price. With fast paced turnaround and high-level efficiency, we create for the conference at every level in every platform.


The Results:

E the Center brought not just quantity, but quality to a business with an important mission and did so in a cost-effective way, saving them north of a half a million dollars per year. The work they have done and continue to do is an important asset that will continue to guide them successfully into the future.

Understanding the Challenge

«They identified the need to become more relevant to appeal to a broader audience…»