The Client &

The Challenge

The Client:

Sometimes a company is at the top – but knows they can do better. AdventHealth (formerly Florida Hospital & Adventist Health System) is a faith-based, non-profit health care system that operates facilities within nine states across the U.S. With a vast network of local hospitals, ERs, urgent care clinics and primary care providers they provide care for millions of people each year. Currently the second Largest employer in Florida with over 80,000 Employees.


The Challenge:

AdventHealth has a very effective corporate communications function for enterprise messaging, but at the hospitals, facility leadership is responsible for localized messaging and resources. One of the local AdventHealth hospitals was faced with a challenge with messaging to their employees and budget limitations. Vendors weren’t offering fair pricing and were challenged with understanding the company’s culture.

Our Approach &

The Results

Our Approach:

We provided a Concierge approach. Providing comprehensive and personalized support starting with creative ideas. We then established a below fair market value supply of several collaterals throughout our network of production facilities. Creating a culture of “Always available, Fair pricing, Relationship first and win-win or no deal” At every level of support offered.


The Results:

As the adage goes, success breeds more success. Other AdventHealth hospitals, all with the same messaging challenges at the local level contracted with E the Center as well. End result? 6 Years and going strong, now E the Center is engaged with AdventHealth at the corporate level, providing the same dedication, creativity and innovation afforded all its customers. It started with one campus, then 2, 4, 10, 14, System wide…

Understanding the Challenge

«They identified the need to become more relevant to appeal to a broader audience…»